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Empowerment for Learning

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, 的课程, 领域经验, student teaching and all other program experiences in teacher preparation will provide a strong foundation to prepare you to impact student learning positively.

Empowerment for learning is one of the special joys and outcomes of becoming a teacher. As a result of program experiences, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to create a classroom climate in which your students can learn.  The education program has a distinguished record of preparing students to become caring teachers.

All programs leading to certification or rank change are approved by the 教育 Professional Standards Board (EPSB) for teacher education and certification and are accredited by the Council for 认证 of Educator Preparation (制定) as of May 2020. The Supervisor of Instructor and Director of Pupil Personnel programs were approved by EPSB in 2020.


The mission of the teacher education program at the Campbellsville University 教育学院 is to prepare teachers for their respective fields by providing an academic infrastructure based on scholarship, service and Christian leadership. The primary goal of the program is to advance scholars who are competent, 有爱心,有资质, who can positively impact student learning, and who are committed to life-long learning in a global society.


Graduate - Initial Certification 亚博体育

Graduate - Advanced Degree 亚博体育

Graduate - Certificates


Graduation-Pinning/Hooding Ceremonies

Kentucky Academy for Equity in Teaching

Student Teacher CAP 4 Exit Event